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    I have been sculpting since I was old enough to not eat it... maybe I did eat some of it, we started out using salt dough as kids. I was extremely fortunate to have been born in to a very artistically blessed family; our gifts have been passed down from one generation to the next, great-grandmother, grandmother, mother to daughter. We have all done our part to keep the blessing alive and pass along the knowledge and skills. 


    All of my figurines are completely my own unique designs created from the musings of my mind, hand sculpted for individuality with personalities all their own.  Mushrooms dancing amongst the flowers, playing with the frogs, maybe catching a ride on a tortoise, and of course bringing their snail, ladybug, or bumblebee friends along for the fun. Each piece comes signed and dated by me.


     Made out of the polymer clay, FIMO, which is sculpted and then baked in the oven. These little guys are durable and ready to play in you garden whether it's inside or out. They love the rain and the sun won't fade their bright colors. FIMO is non-toxic so my figurines have a variety of uses, from cake toppers for your little one's birthday, setting on your desk adding a smile to your day, or peeking out from under the leaves in your flower pot. 


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